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Stock Transfers


Now could be a great time to donate a gift of stock. This is how it works. When you sell appreciated stock (that you’ve held for more than one year) you generally have to pay capital gains tax on the appreciation. Instead, if you gift that stock directly to Word Radio, there is no capital gains tax for us to pay as a qualified non-profit. That means more dollars make it to ministry.

DTC Transfer
If your have your shares of stock in a brokerage account, this is a convenient way to transfer your securities.

Simply instruct your broker to electronically transfer your securities out of your account and into Word Radio's Edward Jones account. Provide this information to your broker or firm:


Edward Jones

120 Washington Street, Suite 206

Rochester, NH 03839

Financial Advisor, Randall Briolat Jr.


Account # 944-21507-1-1

Edward Jones DTC #0057


After your broker transfers your securities out of your account into Word Radio's Edward Jones account, please call Word Radio at 888-512-1846 to let us know you have made this transfer so we can update our records.


When making a gift of appreciated securities to Word Radio it is important that you contact us so that your gift will be properly credited when received and so that we may provide you with an acknowledgment letter for tax purposes.

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