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Interview Part 1 - w. Linda Smith
Interview Part 2 - w. Linda Smith

On March 29th, we had the privilege of hosting Linda Smith, founder of Shared Hope International, for an interview and Q&A with our community. We had our eyes opened with gut-wrenching insight and discussion around a very difficult topic, Child Sex Trafficking. We promised that we would make that interview content available to our listeners as well as other ways that the Body of Christ can get involved in protecting the children He loves so much. 

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It can be difficult at times to know how to pray when faced with a glaring injustice. However, God, in His wisdom, knew we would face these challenges and continually reminds us through Scripture that prayer is one of the greatest gifts and tools He has provided to His children. This 30-day guide will help you to find the words to pray for our broken world. 

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