Prayer Requests
  • Pray that God would use His people in a powerful way to share the love of Christ with everyone who is fearful, sick or needing assistance. Let our love shine brightly in these dark days so that many people would come to Christ. 

  • Pray for wisdom for our leaders as they make decisions to keep their communities safe and that people would not panic, causing more harm to the situation. We hope that our patience and generosity toward our neighbors would bring them comfort. Let us not be afraid to minister to others at such a time as this. Our lives belong to Christ. Ask for wisdom.

  • Ask God to help families with their children home from school, that they would grow closer to each other and get the food and supplies they need. Many children receive free food from schools. We pray that their schools would be able to reach out with meals to those children.

  • We are praying for a new church opening in Milton NH. Ask God to use this body of Christ as an outpouring of His love into the community and that people will grow in their faith. Pray that God would give wisdom to the Pastor and the leadership of the church.

  • Pray for our Christian schools that the Lord would supply the finances for operations, godly teachers, wisdom for all the staff, excellent biblically based curriculum and parents willing to make the investment for the child's future. We also pray that help will be available for parents who struggle to afford tuition. Christian education is more important now than ever as the public schools have moved so far away from any signs of godly influence.

  • Let's intercede for a man experiencing painful procedures for cancer treatment. Pray for his salvation.

  • Pray for those who have walked away from their faith in Christ. We ask God to help lead them back to Himself and to His church.

  • Pray for a woman suffering with Dementia and her husband caring for her.

  • Ask God to help those who are listening to Word Radio to find Christ, to find hope, to find direction and healing. Many are suffering in their relationships to parents, children, and spouses. God's amazing love heals all wounds. We need Him. He is the answer.

  • Pray for revival to come to our land through this disaster. God has a plan. We trust Him. People need the Lord.

Pray for Word Radio to continue to broadcast how the love of Christ works:
  • In our marriages

  • In our parenting

  • Towards our neighbors

  • Bringing forgiveness into hard situations

  • Loving people we disagree with

  • In our relationships with other believers

  • In our workplace 

  • Caring for the hungry, the homeless and helpless

If you have a prayer request, email

Many people have been stricken with illness. Fears of the unknown have some shaken. As Christians, we trust in the Lord during these days of uncertainty and we pray that God would use us to help others find comfort, peace and hope in Christ.

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