Prayer Requests

  • Let's lift up those who find themselves needing help and options with pregnancy. Pray they will find their way to such places as Options for the wonderful support they offer. Pray for Options as they too are in transition during the month of January and on their way to their new location.

  • January 19th is Sanctity of Life Sunday. Pray that many churches would make this a part of their service and call their congregations to pray for the lives of the little ones and their moms.


  • Pray for Iran as the country faces much turmoil. Pray for the safety of believers in Christ and that they can use this opportunity to share the love of Jesus. For more information on the persecuted church world wide, look to Voice of the Martyr's. 

  • Word Radio had the privilege of having an interview with the Salvation Army on our show "Callings." This ministry has been faithful to serving those in most need since 1865. You can listen to that show and prior ones HERE. Pray for them to continue their wonderful works among those in great need.

  • Word Radio is praying for grantors to be favorable to our grant requests this coming year to fund our expansion plans. Please pray with us and also for those who are helping us write those grant requests.

  • Let's pray for the Classical Conversations homeschooling. They have had many hardships among their leadership. Ask for God's help and protection.

Pray for Word Radio to continue to broadcast how the love of Christ works:
  • In our marriages

  • In our parenting

  • Towards our neighbors

  • Bringing forgiveness into hard situations

  • Loving people we disagree with

  • In our relationships with other believers

  • In our workplace 

  • Caring for the hungry, the homeless and helpless


Keep Australia in Prayer

The fires, fueled by drought and the country’s hottest and driest year on record, have been raging since September, months earlier than is typical for Australia’s annual wildfire season. So far, the blazes have killed 26 people, destroyed 2,000 homes and scorched an area of about 25.5 million acres.

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