Prayer Requests

  • We ask the Lord to heal a relationship between a mother and daughter that has been under great duress and needs the healing touch of the Lord. 

  • Pray for the parents of children that have gone astray. We ask God to bring them home safely into His arms.

  • Pray for young people that struggle with the idea of traditional marriage as God intended and that they will not consider living together as an option. Pray they see marriage through God's eyes and understand its true meaning.

  • Pray for those who have lost loved ones not only in the pandemic, but because other illnesses. It is difficult for them to be able to come together for wakes and burial's which causes more pain and hardship. Many suffer from much loneliness and are not strong enough to move forward in their lives. 

  • Let us lift up the leaders of our country as they need great wisdom in opening up the economy.

  • As we come before the Lord, ask Him to give wisdom to the medical and science communities so that they may find a cure for the virus.

  • We petition the Lord for the souls of the many people that need his salvation. Let's pray this pandemic will draw them to the Lord.

  • Pray for church pastors to have wisdom as to how they will minister to their congregations going forward. They too are on the front lines as many people will call upon them to be present during illness, funerals and counseling.

  • Pray for a family who's child needs major medical attention during this pandemic. Pray that all the doors will open and that the doctors have great wisdom.

  • Let's remember the many ministries that have great outreach around the world such as Joni and Friends, Childvoice and the many others who are trying to send medical supplies, food and support for hurting families. Pray they would be able to raise the money needed to keep their work going. Many Christian organizations serving the US are also struggling. Pray that God will show them how to go forward in this new pandemic era. Nothing is impossible with God.

  • Lift up Word Radio before the Lord that we would have the wisdom needed and the financial means to go forward with expanding our broadcasting capabilities. We also lift up our program producers as many of them are facing great challenges ahead. Ask God to give them wisdom and strength to stay true to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Let us pray that each one of us would have ears to listen to what God has to say. Let us walk faithfully with Him and represent Him well on the earth. Ask God to give each of us the strength to walk in the great love we need for this time. Let us not be afraid. Draw close to God and He will draw close to you.

Pray for Word Radio to continue to broadcast how the love of Christ works:
  • In our marriages

  • In our parenting

  • Towards our neighbors

  • Bringing forgiveness into hard situations

  • Loving people we disagree with

  • In our relationships with other believers

  • In our workplace 

  • Caring for the hungry, the homeless and helpless

If you have a prayer request, email

Many people have been stricken with illness. Fears of the unknown have some shaken. As Christians, we trust in the Lord during these days of uncertainty and we pray that God would use us to help others find comfort, peace and hope in Christ.

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