Prayer Requests
  • Pray for a new church, Mountainside Bible Church.This new church and ministry is located on the grounds of the former Moose Mountain Recreation Center. The church will be open for Sunday services and will be developing and growing Mountain Ministries as an outreach to the area.

  • Pray for Living Hope Church and the Lost Coin Cafe in Portland Maine. The church building is a former bar/restaurant that is now being used to welcome people from all walks of life.The doors are open to the homeless, the prostitute, the addicted, the business man and the middle class family. God's Word is preached along with contemporary worship.

  • New Beginnings Church in Sanford Maine is holding Celebrate Recovery meetings on Thursday evenings. Pray for Pastor Rob Libby and his wife Jess as they reach out to their community with a message of hope and healing.

  • Word Radio is launching our Annual Fundraiser and we ask that you pray with us as we continue to broadcast faithfully to those who listen by chance or by choice.  Many listeners find Christian radio by scanning stations and often a scan stops on a powerful station; many times that is WSEW 88.7 FM and the Lord keeps them there to hear His Message and encounter Jesus through a strong gospel message.  Won’t you pray for those who happen on Word Radio by chance, because we know with our God, there is no happenstance.

  • Christmas programming requires careful decisions about what to air and when for specials and music. Prayers for careful consideration will make the difference in what the listeners will hear on Word Radio.

Pray for Word Radio to continue to broadcast how the love of Christ works:
  • In our marriages

  • In our parenting

  • Towards our neighbors

  • Bringing forgiveness into hard situations

  • Loving people we disagree with

  • In our relationships with other believers

  • In our workplace 

  • Caring for the hungry, the homeless and helpless


Sending Good News and Great Joy

Discover how Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts lead to evangelism, discipleship, and the multiplication of believers and churches. Be sure to pray for your box, for the recipient, and for all the hands that will work in getting it to that child. 

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