Prayers For:



  • Matthew 6:34  "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."


  • Let us request God's care and provision for Marriage Date Night in Portland ( and Revival Day of Hope in Rochester ( For the safety and health of all who will attend, as well as salvation for those who do not have Christ. Pray for revival and relationship building. 

  • Pray for ChildVoice as they try to help with food shortages in Uganda and for their upcoming golf fundraiser

  • Lift up Options as they seek to continue to offer hope and medical help for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Pray good health for the staff and for more volunteers to help support these women.

  • Pray for House of Hope and their upcoming 2:10 Youth Center project and golf fundraiser

  • The Disciple Making Movement here and around the world needs our prayers. You can be praying about your own discipleship and your prayers for Pastor Ted White and others in the DMM



  • Let us pray for our local pastors and churches. They have had a very stressful year and need wisdom as they work to keep their churches to full capacity. Let us go before the Lord and ask Him to bring renewal and revival out of these troubled times we have all faced and let us draw close to the Lord by walking in holiness and love. Pray for the health and renewal of our pastors from all the stress and change they have had to endure this last year. Reach out to them in support and kindness.

  • Lift up the pastors of your churches. Ask the Lord to help them during this summer for times of refreshment and rest.


  • Let us pray against the horrors of abortion and for the hearts of those who witness, minister, love and assist mothers who are able to give birth to their little ones. Adoption services in our states are ready to assist and work along side the pregnancy help centers.



  • Pray that God would protect Afghan Christians and give them wisdom. 

  • Pray for the women and girls to be safe and protected.

  • Pray that world leaders would have the courage and understanding to aid the victims and make positive differences.  



  • Pray for a family that lost their young adult son recently. Let us ask the Lord for His mercy as they grieve.

  • Lift up a gentleman who just got diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Pray for his salvation and proper medical care.

  • Health issues for Christian leaders in our churches-praying for our pastors in our own churches as well as others. Does your pastor need special prayer?

  • Businesses that are partners with Word Radio and all of those in our listening area who need divine wisdom and answers to prayers for workers. To restore workers, to train them and prosper businesses again. Is this affecting you or your loved ones?

  • Pray for the many people who have lost loved ones this year. We ask the Lord to enter in to bring comfort to the hurting families and that the truth of Christ would penetrate their hearts for healing and salvation.

  • We ask the Lord to heal a couple suffering from Covid. Pray for their healing. How can we pray for your loved one's need for healing?

  • Pray for the many people effected by natural disasters, including those in Haiti and the US through earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and floods. 


  • Word Radio listeners are hearing the Good News of God's Word wherever they are. We continue to pray for its message to reach into their lives at just the right time. Your prayers for the Holy Spirit to move and direct in our programming lineup each day makes a difference. 

  • Please pray specifically for each program you listen to, for its host, its productions and its influence in the lives of listeners around the globe.

  • Many new resources are coming from Word Radio. Please pray that their roll-outs would go smoothly, that God's Will might be done as we prepare to project His Word further and wider - until the whole world hears.

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