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FINALLY!! We have a new station

with new programs reaching a new audience...

Welcome WMEK 88.1 FM!



Tune in to 88.1FM NOW!!!

We're so thankful you're praying and rejoicing with us!

For such a time as this


WMEK 88.1 FM will endeavor to reach new audiences in various stages of life, discipling a new generation in God's Word. Word Radio Power on 88.1 FM has been a long time in planning, progressing slowly at times from conception to reality. But God's been at work all along, guiding us every step of the way...even when He seemed to be holding us back, He was really making a way. NOW is the perfect time to launch a station speaking His Truth into the hearts and homes of more listeners, discipling more believers, growing the family of God. This was His plan all along.


Will you join us in trusting His timing and His protection as we launch our ministry further west toward Manchester, further south toward Lowell, as well as stronger throughout the seacoast of Maine, NH, and Mass. 


Furthering His Word, His Will, His Way.

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