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New at Word Radio

Do you know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior? Do you want to? Take the next step here. 

Give us your input, how are we doing? Weigh in on important decisions regarding programming, outreach, events and more. 

All operating costs are covered by generous listeners who believe in our mission and desire to spread the gospel. Thank you to all of our supporters! 

Join our team of Prayer Warriors for monthly updates regarding current prayer needs. You'll be among the first to know about new events and happenings.

Visit our Christian Community Calendar for upcoming event information. If you are hosting an upcoming event, let us know!


Many of our programs are what we call "share partners," which means that they share a portion of the donations that they receive from our listeners back to us. So when you donate to these programs, your donation is helping us too! Here are just a few of those programs...when you donate to them, be sure to mention that you listen on WSEW 88.7, WMEK 88.3, WRKJ 88.5, WMTP 91.1, or WWPC 91.7 - Word Radio.


"If I leave God out of my life or don't invite His Presence, I am really caught up short. I have a long commute and I have probably listened to every show you carry. I listen to 88.7 and so many times God speaks directly to what I need to hear from Him."


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