February 2020

In 2006, Conrad and Kathy Mandsager came face to face with a bitter truth. There were 30,000 children who had been abducted in northern Uganda. As if that weren't horrific enough, when these children returned to their hometown, they were not welcomed with open arms. Thus began ChildVoice, a ministry that helps highly vulnerable girls recover from the traumas of war. In 2007, the Mandsagers opened the Lukome Center in Uganda to give those girls the educational and vocational training they so desperately need to rebuild their lives, support their babies, and eventually rejoin their families.

Callings - Mandsager
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Ted White stopped by Word Radio recently to have a conversation with Sharon.  Ted shares his testimony and presents the Gospel clearly on this edition of Callings.  He also relates the experiences he has had in presenting the gospel inside the State Prison of New Hampshire   Ted pastors New Hope Church in Nottingham and hosts Prison Chapel of the Air both on radio and TV in Concord, New Hampshire.  

Callings - Ted White
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January 2020

Captain Jeremiah and Captain Katie Eisley from the Salvation Army in Rochester, New Hampshire, were in studio to share their life callings and also describe the work that goes on all year round in our listening area. When you think of the Salvation Army, your perception might be that of the red kettles and bell ringers at Christmas time.  Christmas stars are at several local businesses to meet the need for Christmas gifts for children.  When we meet with Captains Jeremiah and Katie Eisley again, they will share their personal callings and some of the background and history of the Salvation Army and its outreach.

Callings - Eisley #1
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Callings - Eisley #2
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In case you missed it, we're re-airing this interview with Paula Page who was 30 years old when she was told the details of her birth and that she was not expected to live. She was not even expected to “be”. She had survived an abortion attempt on her life that had failed. Her scars and what were thought to be birth defects were part of her story, which was captured by Angela Forker in her “After the Abortion” photography series.   

Callings - Page
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