Christians are often wary of involvement in politics, they don’t like the way others have performed or they find government to be corrupt. But the purpose of government, as God created it, is a noble one meant not as a remedy for sin, but a means to restrain it. Christians in this country have a right and a responsibility to be involved in civic affairs. There is still time for you to make a positive impact on our political outcome right here in New Hampshire and Maine. 


Being salt and light in today’s world means that we as Christians need to stand up for Godly standards wherever and whenever they are under attack. Staying silent will not spread the Gospel. We can and should pray for revival, our politicians and our government. But what we really need is for Christians to ACT on their faith. We need people in politics who will work hard and cast their vote for what is right and true according to the Holy Word of God. 


It's not easy to be a citizen of two worlds….belonging to the kingdom of heaven while living among men. God calls each of us differently, but we are ALL called. Some might run for office, others might help financially, most can vote and support voters, all can pray…but each of us has to ask: Lord, what will you have me to do? Prayerfully consider your role in upcoming political candidacy, legislative actions, and our government –local, state and national.  

Consider how you might be involved…the time is now.

NH Qualifications

Are you eligible for candidacy? What does it take?

NH Filing

How to file, what, when and where?

Maine Candidacy information

Download a pdf regarding Maine candidacy. 

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