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December 2019


Captain Jeremiah and Captain Katie Eisley from the Salvation Army in Rochester, New Hampshire, were in studio to share their life callings and also describe the work that goes on all year round in our listening area. When you think of the Salvation Army, your perception might be that of the red kettles and bell ringers at Christmas time.  Christmas stars are at several local businesses to meet the need for Christmas gifts for children.  When we meet with Captains Jeremiah and Katie Eisley again, they will share their personal callings and some of the background and history of the Salvation Army and its outreach.

Callings - Eisley #1
Callings - Eisley #2

In case you missed it, we're re-airing this interview with Paula Page who was 30 years old when she was told the details of her birth and that she was not expected to live. She was not even expected to “be”. She had survived an abortion attempt on her life that had failed. Her scars and what were thought to be birth defects were part of her story, which was captured by Angela Forker in her “After the Abortion” photography series.   

Callings - Page

November 2019


Ginny Teeter

Callings welcomes Ginny Teeter with Intervarsity Graduate and Faculty Ministries at the University of New Hampshire and beyond. Ginny's calling began when she was a student at UNH, where her relationship with Jesus was sharpened. She went on to Moody Bible Institute where she met her husband. After graduation, while living in New York, Ginny was called to work on campus with Intervarsity. Seventeen years later, Ginny now has a leadership role in the Intervarsity ministry at UNH and encourages Christians on other college campuses to develop their own Christian student programs. 

Callings - Teeter

Rob and Jess Libby

Rob and Jess Libby share their story of how God healed their broken lives.  God called them to open New Beginnings Christian Church in Sanford, Maine.  Their story is one of compassion for those struggling with addictions because they have been there.  Building relationships through love, mercy and grace…the foundation of Celebrate Recovery and ALT ministry. Read more about Jess Libby’s story in the book Grace Revealed: Finding God’s Strength in Any Crisis

Callings - Libby

October 2019


Leah Unger

When Sandy told people of their upcoming family missions trip to Uganda to visit ChildVoice's Lukome Center, she was met with shock, awe, and sometimes complete horror. But the experience was far from horrible and the family was blessed....their girls can't wait to return and continue to support their African friends with fundraising and speaking engagements. Talk about a life-changing call of faith...Hear their amazing story from nine-year-old Leah and her mom as they talk with Sharon in-studio.

Callings - ChildVoice

Larry and Renee Debow

Renee and Larry Debow shared their calling to prison ministry with Sharon recently while she was visiting Nute Ridge Bible Chapel. Hear about that interruption in their family life, raising five children, being faithful in their church, and responding to a need for ‘someone’ to go into the prison to minister there. 40+ years later, Larry and Renee still travel 100 miles round-trip every Tuesday night to the New Hampshire State Prison in Concord. They bring the love of Jesus by  sharing  songs and stories, reading through the Bible  and faithfully bringing the Gospel message. 

September 2019

Callings - Debow
Yves and Atlantic Hardwood.JPG

Have you ever wondered what happens to your Operation Christmas Child shoebox after you pack it? Jack and Kathleen participate as area coordinators every year. Sharon met up with them to discuss their recent trip to Tanzania for shoebox distribution. "This may be the first gift these kids ever receive, but receiving Christ is the last gift they'll ever need. Listen to their story and find out how you can participate in Operation Christmas Child

Callings Ep11 - McInerny

Paula Page was 30 years old when she was told the details of her birth and that she was not expected to live. She was not even expected to “be”. She had survived an abortion attempt on her life that had failed. Her scars and what were thought to be birth defects were part of her story, which was captured by Angela Forker in her “After the Abortion” photography series.   

Callings - Ep 10 - Page

August 2019

Mark 209 Poster.jpg

Mark 209 is a Southern Gospel band with a lot of soul. Their unique blend of family-friendly country and classic hymns gets hands clapping and feet tapping. But the most important thing for them is tapping into Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Their big Yellow Bus has toured the country and taken them on some wild rides. Wherever He calls, they follow…listen to their story and get tickets to Word Radio's first ever benefit concert.

Callings - Ep 9 Mark209
Bethany n Steven.jpg

New England native, husband and wife team, striving to bring glory to God by use of dance and vocal talent and to encourage others to do the same. Both have a passion for youth and a passion to teach. They dreamed of growing their family and adoption had always been on the table. Which is important because we are all adopted into God’s family and He calls us to care for orphans. Little did they know that God had plans they were not expecting…listen to their story and read more.

Callings Ep 8 - Pires

July 2019


Mike Younus is the  Executive Director of Options: Pregnancy, Sexual and Family Resources, shares his calling to follow Jesus Christ, what it was like to step into his role at Options, and some of the challenges of his first day.  Later in the program, Mike shares the vision and mission of Options.  Options is located in Dover and will be moving to Rochester in 2020.  Donors and friends may find out more at  July 7 - August 4

Callings - Ep 7 - Younus

The Davis' have been serving Family Life as volunteers since 2000 in several roles and responsibilities. They are now full-time Affiliate Staff serving Maine and New England as missionaries to marriages, families, men, women, and children.Their mission is to connect with every church and para-church organization in New England to promote and exchange information about all marriage, parenting, and family enhancing events and opportunities.

June 29 - July 6

Callings Ep 6 - Davis

June 2019


A retired Colonel, Mike Runey is the incoming Head of School at Portsmouth Christian Academy. Hear how God called him from military service in Virginia to the realm of private education in New Hampshire. 

June 15th - 23rd 

Callings Ep5 - Col Mike Runey
Bob Batson.jpg

Bob Batson has had his life interrupted more than once, and each time, the interruption becomes an opportunity. From the beginnings of Team Wolfeboro, a community-wide drug prevention program to fight against legalized recreational marijuana, God used all the interruptions to guide His calling on Bob's life. 

June 1st - 9th 

Callings Ep 4 - Bob Batson

May 2019


Sharon Gamble of Sweet Selah Ministries, is helping busy women pause, reflect, meditate–right in the middle of crazy lives. She is a speaker and writer who loves alone-time with Jesus and helping others to have "sweet selah" moments with their God. Join the Sharons as they dig into God's call for quiet time with Him. May 18th - 26th. 

Callings Ep 3 - Sharon Gamble

Pastor Jonah Hadley of Mercy Chapel is also the host of the Broken Chains radio program right here on Word Radio weekdays at 7am. We'll learn more about how he got started in ministry and what God's call on his life looks like. May 4-12

Callings Ep 2 - Jonah Hadley

April 2019


Yves was born in a refugee camp in Congo where his family lived as a result of the Rwandan genocide. When he was 11 he received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift that changed his life and his community. April 20-28.

Callings Ep 1 - Yves - Operation Christmas Child

Is God calling you to pack a shoebox this year for Operation Christmas Child? There are many ways to help. 

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