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Callings is a Word Radio production, featuring stories of God’s amazing grace on the Journey with Jesus. Sharon Malone interviews our guests as they share their stories of God’s calling right in the middle of everyday life. Each guest leaves a message of hope and encouragement with our listeners.

Ginny Teeter

Callings welcomes Ginny Teeter with Intervarsity Graduate and Faculty Ministries at the University of New Hampshire and beyond. Ginny's calling began when she was a student at UNH, where her relationship with Jesus was sharpened. She went on to Moody Bible Institute where she met her husband. After graduation, while living in New York, Ginny was called to work on campus with Intervarsity. Seventeen years later, Ginny now has a leadership role in the Intervarsity ministry at UNH and encourages Christians on other college campuses to develop their own Christian student programs. 

Callings - Teeter
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