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Word Radio has a vision for 2020, including expanded coverage, new programming, and improved communications. We'd love for you to be a part of that vision. If you're so inclined, perhaps a one-time or monthly donation of $20.20, $202.0, $2,020?

Thank you in advance for helping us to reach our annual fundraising goal so that we can continue to broadcast Sound Biblical Teaching between Sundays. And if you haven't already, please tell a friend about Word Radio or share us with your church


Want a really simple way to donate when the fancy strikes you? Try out our new Texting option by texting the number below or downloading the app on your phone or mobile device. After a short set-up, you'll be able to send a donation just by texting us a dollar amount. Thanks again to all our listener/donors for your support!

“You guys are great! I listen to you all the time and love the programing; it amazes me how relevant so many programs are to the issues in my life, daily and long term. Having come from a lukewarm and lapsed Catholic background in my college years, followed by decades of agnosticism, to now a Protestant Evangelical, I have neither parents, siblings or children that believe as I do. That has made me believe my life has been mostly a failure for God Until now, as my 20 year old son has come to Christ, and now listens to you as much as I do. Keep us your good efforts for His Kingdom, and may you all be richly blessed!”

— Dover, NH

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